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Support Engr. Cyprian Oyom Igban for State Chairman, APC, Cross River State


A consummate politician of the progressive bent, Engineer Cyprian Oyom Igban has cut his political teeth in the progressive environment at various dispensations. He was in the youth wing of the defunct Social Democratic Party (SDP), a member of the defunct Action Congress (AC) which later metamorphosed into the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and now he is of the All Progressives Congress (APC).
Engineer Igban combines the perfect Shakespearean description of greatness—Born great with a modest background and disciplined upbringing; achieved some measure of greatness and has also been entrusted with great heights by his people who have found in him a worthy ally and leader.

Scholarly thoughts have inferred that, ”good leaders possess the passion for influencing people positively”, an indication that such leaders have in various ways discharged themselves creditably to qualify for the third Shakespearean description of greatness. Engineer Igban falls among such leaders.

Little wonder that each time he is trying to fix some engineering challenges or making in-roads into new discoveries in his chosen profession, Engineer Igban would be ”compelled” by his people to drop the “tools box” and “cover-all” typical of the Engineers to answer their clarion call to service .

In 2007 and 2011, his people of Obubra/Etung federal constituency urged him to gun for the House of Representatives and again in 2013,he was urged to contest for the Chairmanship of Obubra Local Government Council, three supposed salvage missions that were thwarted by forces of retrogression who preferred mediocrity to excellence and popular mandate.

Also in the 2015 general elections, he took up the gauntlet of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to run for the House of Representatives as an answer to yet another call to service by the Obubra/Etung people.

Like America’s Abraham Lincoln, he is undaunted in his passion and drive to intervene in the collective destinies of many who are either maligned or require a perfect sense of direction to manifest their goodwill and political destinies.

Having been tested and proven both in private and public capacities, Engineer Igban has been well known to possess the Midas touch that engineers effective solution to the challenge of true progressive leadership as required NOW by our party in Cross River state.


Born on the 22nd of August, 1973 in Obubra, Engineer Igban grew up to imbibe a strong sense of character from his disciplinarian parents who though wished the best for him at all times but made him also realized that life is regulated by strict rules and must be lived for others. In fact, it is this realization that propelled his academic prowess at all levels of his educational attainment; from primary school to secondary school and to the Federal University of Technology, Owerri where he bagged a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering.

In 2018,Igban bagged a Leadership Certificate in "Leading Organization and Change" from the prestigious MIT Management Executive Education School, Massachusetts in the USA.

He also has vast working experiences in the Oil and Gas sector and has also evolved in both capacity and charisma to lead and manage both men and resources as a private entrepreneur.

Beyond this, he has showcased his leadership abilities by championing and bankrolling several political leadership projects of the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria and the All Progressives Congress in Cross River State among others.

Engineer Igban has remained consistent in the forefront of progressives round-tables; always projecting the bid to bring fulfillment to the political destinies of many who have been relegated.


In the words of Chief Patrick Ubi [MNI] in his article titled “Improving the Electoral Fortunes of APC in Cross River State come 2019” and published in the February edition of the South South Broom[an in-house newsletter of the APC South South]’’Another challenge experienced and which also impacted on our performance[in the last general elections in the state]is the fraudulent behavior of some of our party leaders, aspirants and agents. "I regret the level of sabotage and compromise exhibited on election duties by our party men”. The above scenario is one of the many regrets expressed by well meaning and passionate party stalwarts whose desire and passion to see the party emerge victorious in the last general elections was thwarted by the antics of saboteurs disguising as party leaders, supporters and agents. Other factors such as violence and impunity, compromise position of security operatives and primordial sentiments of ethnicity and religion find deep expression in the antecedents of party leaders who had “the yam and the knife” to decide the fate or otherwise of the party. Candidly, the leadership of the APC in Cross River state cannot completely absolve itself of the blame of abysmal performance recorded by the party in the state in the last polls.

However, while that serves as a point of note to prospective party leaders, it is worthy of mention that the APC currently require some engineering ability to build the bridge that unifies the broad-based membership strength of the party. The new leadership must also be one with the pedigree to provide an enabling environment for the fulfillment of political destinies and to enthrone sound democratic tenets that were lacking in the state chapter of the party.

This way, the challenge of elections victory would have been defeated; enthroning the party on the saddle in the state.


Incidentally, Engr. Igban has that pedigree. He recognizes that the emergence of an expansive frontier in the APC, Cross River State marks the beginning of a new era in progressive politics in the state and that new initiative must combine with vibrancy and stately carriage [which of course, he can boast of] to give the state chapter the needed fillip for elections victory in the near future.

This father of three, is already yielding to the call to reinvent the state from the gross abuse of power by the current ”junta” by standing out to lead the party that would make this reinvention possible.

Engineer Igban will not do it all alone; he is calling on all and sundry in the APC to join him re-make the APC to re-make Cross River State.

Support RE-INVENTION 2020!


Support APC for Change!!!

The Re-Invention Agenda:
* Unification of the Party Structures and organs for Optimal Performance
* Provision of Enabling Platform for the Fulfillment of Political Destinies
* Strict Observance of the Tenets of Internal Democracy particularly in compliance with the supremacy of the the party constitution.
* Constructive, Radical Engagement of Anti-Democratic, Anti-Progressives Forces
*Change! Change!! Change!!!
*Next Level! Next Level!! Next Level!!!